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“He cut his children’s throats,” is a discussion thread about a man who actually killed his two children, and whether his submission to Islam was a factor or not. (The crudity of the Muslims who engaged here, reveal the darker of their better golden bright-shining noble LGBTQM sides).

Q: Why did the halal Chicken cross the road.
A: To get to the other bride.

How many social workers does it take to change a light bulb?

Duh, they don’t change the bulb, they have a case conference to come up with a strategy for coping with darkness.


Got an invitation the other day by a Freemason to join his Lodge.

The UK Labour Government had decreed all police and Judges had to declare whether they were Freemasons, but not if they were Common Purpose members.

Infiltrated by a secret Society of Deists, (Islam being the Greatest), or a secret Society of Statists, (communism being the Greatest).

Swearing an oath of secrecy
, loyalty and fraternity does not appeal to me, as I still live in the rapidly-diminishing free world. Tempting as it is, to learn and explore the pseudo-mysic ‘scientific’ principles of the 19th Century of gullibility, I know there sits those Grand Masters of delectable debauchery. Once I give up my right to ‘my yes is my yes and my no is my no.’

If you make God outside yourself, on your sleeve, to dictate how you should live, you have summoned a Demon to sell your soul in submission for Paradise.
If you make The State responsible for your life, to dictate how you should live, you have summoned a Whore to sell your body in submission for Peace.

Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot on one side; Emperor Constantine, Mohammad, Hitler, on the other. “Get me my sheeple,” they demanded, give them something that will sooth them, that is when they will be able to murder in the Name of Goodness, and dismiss it as nothing. The shooting of the enemy. The “them-and-us”. The Socialist and the Judeo-Catholic-Mohammadan was born.

No, I would not even join a Society of Friends. All humanity is enough.

“The Christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: both are derived from the worship of the sun. The difference between their origin is, that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the sun, as I have shown in the chapter on the origin of the Christian religion.

In Masonry many of the ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parody. With them the sun is still the sun; and his image in the form of the sun is the great emblematical ornament of Masonic lodges and Masonic dresses. It is the central figure on their aprons, and they wear it also pendant on the breast of their lodges, and in their processions. It has the figure of a man, as at the head of the sun, as Christ is always represented.”

I come now to speak of the cause of secrecy used by the Masons.
The natural source of secrecy is fear. When any new religion over-runs a former religion, the professors of the new become the persecutors of the old. We see this in all instances that history brings before us.

A false brother might expose the lives of many of them to destruction; and from the remains of the religion of the Druids, thus preserved, arose the institution which, to avoid the name of Druid, took that of Mason, and practiced under this new name the rites and ceremonies of Druids.
Thomas Paine

If it walks like a duck… it may not be a duck.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Muslim. LGBTQM

Hat tip Vlad Tepes.

“Excerpt: ‘Sybil Exposed’
Is there anyone in America who does not remember what started it all? Just in case, here is the abridged version of Sybil. One cold day in winter 1956, a shy and painfully anorexic graduate student in the pre-med department at Columbia University stands outside her chemistry classroom waiting for the elevator. The next thing she knows, she is on a freezing, snow-swept street in a city she doesn’t recognize. Eventually she figures out it’s Philadelphia, and that between the elevator and the snow five days have passed, days which for the young woman — whose name is Sybil Dorsett — are an utter blank. Sybil catches a train back to New York to see Dr. Wilbur, her steely but superbly kind and caring Park Avenue psychoanalyst. Dr. Wilbur mothers, medicates, and hypnotizes her patient, tirelessly attempting to dredge up memories of the forgotten childhood trauma which she assumes provokes Sybil’s flights to other cities …
At the time the book begins, Sybil has no idea she has alters. All she knows is that she dissociates — or “loses time,” as she puts it. She ends up in strange places without the slightest idea how she got there. She discovers dresses in her closet that are not her style and which she does not remember buying. She finds herself chatting intimately with people she has no recollection of ever having met.
Dr. Wilbur decides that the cause of this puzzling illness is some terrible thing done to Sybil during childhood, the memory of which she walled off into other personalities so that she would not have to deal with the pain. But what, exactly, happened? That’s what, together, they need to figure out so that Sybil can “integrate” her personalities and be whole again. The only way to do that is for Sybil to remember the trauma, and Dr. Wilbur must help.
Dr. Wilbur puts Sybil into drug-induced and hypnotic trances that finally cause her to remember. The trauma she suffered as a young child turns out to have been abuse — barbaric, gothic, grotesque beyond imagination — inflicted by her psychotic mother, Hattie Dorsett. Hattie once tried to suffocate four-year-old Sybil by locking her into a box filled with grain. Other times, she made her daughter watch as she defecated on neighbors’ lawns, held lesbian orgies in the woods with teenagers, and fondled the genitals of babies. If all this weren’t enough to destroy a child’s psyche, Hattie regularly hung preschooler Sybil by the ankles above a kitchen table, raped her with household utensils, gave her ice-water enemas, and tied her under the piano while banging out crazed versions of Beethoven and Chopin. Could these nightmare memories, recovered so many years after the crimes supposedly happened, really be true? Yes, says the book — undoubtedly.

Now, decades after the abuse and the psychic splitting, Sybil’s only hope for cure is her kindly psychoanalyst. Dr. Wilbur does not disappoint. After eleven years and hundreds of pages of heroic ministrations, she convinces all the alter personalities to integrate into a united self. As Sybil lies on Dr. Wilbur’s couch, hypnotized, the babies, little boys, and teenagers all grow into adults within minutes, and they dutifully fold back into Sybil’s consciousness, promising never to “come out” again. The grown-up alters make a similar pact. Sybil’s broken mind is mended; she vanquishes the hell of her mother’s mistreatment and finally becomes a whole person. End of story.

Sybil was something completely new. Her history of sadistic incest and her enormous number of alter personalities made her brand of multiplicity unprecedented. After a tiny fraternity of psychiatrists became fascinated with the condition and started hunting for new cases, that brand turned into an epidemic. In 1980, multiple personality disorder was listed as an official psychiatric illness. Soon, mental health practitioners in America were diagnosing thousands of cases a year.
Almost all were female, and when they first entered therapy most had no alter personalities that they knew of. Nor did they remember being raped and brutalized as children. But during MPD treatment they developed just as many alter personalities, and just as many horrific abuse memories, as Sybil had — if not many more.
Many of these patients began filing lawsuits against their parents for having hurt them so terribly. They went on television talk shows to discuss their suffering, and celebrities joined the fray. Every MPD story unleashed more cases and claims of abuse.
Then a new group of patients surfaced, complaining they’d been wrongly diagnosed and suing their therapists for malpractice. In tandem with these lawsuits, thousands of hurt and angry parents said they were being falsely accused by adult children in therapy. Some brought suits against the therapists.
As a result of this backlash, which crested in the early 1990s, the media did a 180-degree turn from their former credulity about MPD. “Is it real or is it fake?” became the new question. Were the patients, and the therapists who treated them, honest and inspiring? Or were they liars and hustlers?
…How, in modern America, could an educated person in distress come to feel she was possessed? How could Sybil have learned to feel and act as though she had multiple selves, when no one else in her world was doing this? An explanation was provided in the early 1990s by a prominent, elderly psychiatrist who had known Dr. Wilbur years earlier and had sometimes treated Sybil when Wilbur was out of town. The old doctor remembered Wilbur telling him that she wanted to write a book about multiple personality disorder. He also remembered Sybil mentioning to him that Wilbur wanted her to act as though she had different selves inside her. He speculated that Wilbur — who had once boasted to her patient that she was “stronger than Mother” — had pressured and coaxed Sybil to develop alter personalities.
In light of this accusation, even more questions arose. What had gotten Dr. Wilbur, herself, so interested in the idea of multiple personalities? And if Sybil — the basis for the modern MPD diagnosis — was a product of therapist suggestion, what about all those tens of thousands of patients who had walked into the offices of other mental health practitioners and walked out thinking they had several beings living inside them? And what about all of us book readers and TV watchers? Why had we found the Sybil story so credible?
Excerpted from Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case by Debbie Nathan. 2011 by Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.”

A muse:

I shared reflections with colleague regarding a different woman we each had met.

We shared the same experience: the women had seen significance in the position of our hands. Mine had said ‘are you calling in dark spirits’. His had said the gestures of people had deep significance. This power of shapes and symbols to them.
They both used different accents when talking. Mine had used Welsh when concillitory, and used Scottish when interrogating.
Both had asked if we were to kill them. Then at other times were we to save them.

I shared my view that the Left Brain was not functioning and the Right Brain was attempting to make sense of the world. Objectivity was achieved via a new ‘personality’ which is merely repesenting someone else looking in, putting themselves at a distance via another frame of referrence. The changing one’s hairstyle and color for many women will ‘reset’ and change their mood and perception of the world to them, to remove the feeling of insecurity, possibly of being a target, as an animal would to employ camoflage or just like turning in a bed to relieve pressure and prevent pressure sores, a refresh mechanism.

Both women had feckless, disloyal, and uninterested fathers. Both women were British-born with fathers that were born in Jamaica not involved with their upbringing. Both mothers were ‘victims’ and worked in jobs, while living in subsidized Welfare Housing. Both daughters were intelligent but unsuccessful with men, not wanting children, and desired academic recognition and still lived with their mothers.

Both were loyal to their mothers, presenting as infantalized, mother’s perpetual child, and desiring to be infantalized.

Mine was vegan and anorexic without prescription drugs, his was vegan and overweight with prescription drugs having been cuaght by the Mental Health Service. Their father’s rejected, with a confusing love-hate relationship. Total loyalty to the mother.

He said he had spend many sessions reassuring and entertaining the various ‘personalities’ with reasons and answers to their paranoid delusions. I was not aquainted with my case-study except in meeting the family due to the father’s recent death and she had asserted boldly her father was not dead. (And I joked her mother did not believe Jesus was dead either – so there was two of them involved in denial). The other’s Mother beleived Jesus was alive as well.

Hence, looking up Sybil Scheiber to see what will heal these two people.

I beleive these persons are sane, and using a defensive posture. And the same time, the brain is learning a new pattern of behavior, like those with drug-dependency habits learning paranoia, as much created by drug-dependency as it is an emotional-dependency felt with a love lost. The hardest thing is rejection.

A woman scorned can go both ways: All men are bad and they will become esuperior to everyone of them just by emulating the lowest male; to become ‘masculine’ and that-ego-identity; or, it is they they are bad and unworthy. One is the Socialist, the Un-Sane, (apparently Sane on the outside if things are changed for Women’s Rights and insane on the inside). The other is In-Sane, (Insane on the outside fearing chaos-without-context, but actually sane on the inside).

It will take a rock to save them. To reflect and make them realize for themselves the truth that sets them free. A mirror held up. But what human is there to do it? Jesus has been feminized into God -The-Mother. Moves are afoot to make Nelson Mandela, Fem-Black.

that they are both black, indicates the layers of right-brain feminitity to release from, to become unstuck and walk freely again.

Over to Olive on this one.

You are suggesting Vlad, that within every submission-invert, (through the Stockholm Syndrome of childhood called Islam), there is a Little Hitler trying to get out. This male attempted impersonating a police officer in arresting her, every ruse to get the woman to submit to his uniform. A £35000 salary for spotting the breaking of bylaws as a ‘good citizen’ warden, targeting those who can afford pay as an agent of Class Warfare, that everyone leaving their front door is legally being watched as guilty before proved innocent and under surveillance. As Hitler sent out his Brown Shirts to intimidate and terrorize the German People, the Socialists sent out their Muslims they invited, with the hope of a Communist dictatorship arise after
the Night of the Curved Swords. Equality, Diversity and Unconscious Bias – in that order. Why else do you think Kim Jong-un wiped out the whole of his Uncle’s family and relations to every man woman and child?

Reminds me what a Kurdish businessman recently told me of what an imam reported back to Ayatollah Khomeini about the British political class: “they are just like us”. Just as dark and devious and kiddy fiddling. Or was Tony Blair’s D-Notice on the findings of Operation Ore to protect the morale of the troops? Getting old men via Operation Yewtree seems to be working at distracting the masses from these real pedophiles by presenting young stars who had younger girls throw themselves at them to call that pedophilia, when real pedophillia is hidden from view by those from a “protected characteristic” in a Bible of The European Human Rights Act, by themselves, for themselves.

The images of Marilyn Monroe is the just-turned-to-full-bloom “Bo booby-doo, Mr President” sex, which he duly laid in the sack without knowing the mother’s daughter as a person. This was the culture, behavior and Avon Lady industry that ruined ageing starlets. But it was not pedophillia, only that of a sought-after first rush of the dopermine-sex-addict to whom Edward Bernays promoted subconsciously to have a virgin all for yourself. Today it’s 14 year old boys. Islam got there before The West in Heaven-sanctioned pearls, before The Human Rights Act is amended and determines a child can be consensual.

What has this got to do with stopping the woman in the park? Everything.”

The idiology she submitted to that crushes the souls of children has made you not mourn her death. She was someone’s child and maybe someone’s mother. Her death to be celebrated as a success, is no more than an army dancing around a terrorist’s burning corpse. The fear is palpable, it has transfered from one to the other. So, rather than going to the House of Islam to heal the sick, with a love of humanity, a person throws stones to kill rather than gather the lost sheep and reveal through riddicule the ideas that enslave them, the truth that sets you free, that the Socialists are at pains to prevent their new citizens from doing at any cost. The death of a dhimmi is no happiness, for no slave enters heaven. Peace be with her family.

When the Communists gave the most devient and defiled human beings “Protected Characteristics“ they unleashed hell on the West with a Bible of Human Entitlements and now watch it burn. Therefore, do not resist evil, do not try to win, just don’t lose. Don’t lose your values and gain theirs. Be noble, for they make children upset and fail in frustration, to feel a pride of superiority over these broken souls, a righteousness of comparing themselves for they have no conscience, having submitted to their compulsion of hypnosis, a religion based on nothing more than faith of look alikes and emotion alikes, and fear that kingdom should be razed by just one look of a child. Hate Crimes are not for adults, like say the legal age of stealing, they are taught and fed by teachers into tiny tots while momma goes to work.

With Nigeria bringing in Laws that the UK once had to prevent Homosexuality becoming mainstream and every child intimidated to believe is normal, it is to reflect on the differences in the two societies.

I enraged a Charity Benefits Adviser by suggesting there were Deserving Poor and Undeserving Poor. He stated all poor were the same. I cited the person would not wake-up and change their ways so that a growing army of dependents would grow until the workforce could no longer support them. He stated ‘people like you’ did not understand. An ad hominem attack. I looked at him with new eyes. I was having a discussion with a professional, so I thought. This was a person who invested value in taking from the state. The victim-feeder. I explained I had funded the support of a single mother and her child who were illegally in the UK, but was annoyed by the fact once her child was accepted she would then obtain a State-Funded flat and jump into a higher quality of life than the average working-poor in rented accommodation. I mentioned the homeless young men I had breakfast with the day before and his dependency on alcohol, so no amount of Benefit would help him, but a sense of responsibility and worth – at which the advisory stormed off, leaving me wondering why the entrance to the charity building was strewn with litter and debris to hinder disabled people going into it and what sort of unwholesome, uncaring workers worked here.

The day the Western Governments made the average man pay for all this and the army of support-workers though tax, they took away any sense of ownership and personal responsibility to be achieving individuals their society. Nigeria has no such Welfare System.

And at this point, Socialism crept in and made a home for the political class.

Women got custody of the children.

40% minimum of women will occupy all places of power.

And Nigeria stands in its way. An Israel. Islam, the bitched-males is on the other side.

The children produced by the West are screwed. Imprinted. Finding playing with imagery and perversity for a sense of love. The Hypnotized.

“Cure me, I’m gay! Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Christian Jessen will test controversial ‘reparative’ therapy in C4 documentary

The British TV doctor will undergo therapies himself in Cure Me, I’m Gay
– Idea is to test the medical credibility of such controversial techniques
– Jessen will then take tests to measure his state of arousal
– He says he has homosexual patients visiting his clinic asking to be ‘cured’
– Show due to air on Channel 4 later this year”

Nigeria Same Sex Marriage Bill-final

A country that recognizes that homosexuality, the perversion of young children, is dangerous to its sovereignty and prosperity. For it’s soil is the family, and not the single-parent State-dependents and the four-wives cult.

Now Communism and Islam must have to have exactly the same laws of prevention of validity for what is fake.

“One of the biggest mistakes the left made was stopping the death penalty for rape.”

Ah, the ‘left’ made a mistake comes out again.

OK, slowly does the explanation.

Left = International Socialism
Right = National Socialism
Normal, well = normal. You don’t have to worry about normals and they will go forth and multiply and make better worlds.

So we’ll just focus on the retarded who are ‘repulsed by the retarded’ or ‘love-lots the retarded’; any way that they can not be seen for themselves. No tree, or a whole woodland to hide in. The guy with Asperger’s no longer shows up the fascist’s behavior-traits, the gal with brain-damage is put forward to run the organization with an army of enablers.

For the Far Right, rape is a precursor to marriage. For rape is practiced, in marriage. ‘Rape, and the rapee belongs to you’. Islam puts it unequivocally: what your hand can plow, is yours. The rape-price = the discount bride-price, as she’s no good to anyone else now. And the rape of the boy, is just strength over vulnerability. Femininity is made weakness, that is the only way they can get a rise. A strong woman would turn them off and make them impotent. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Rape_in_Islam#Rape

The Far Left are unclear about rape. It’s all morally relative isn’t it? A child touches your knee and you want it to suck your happy zone. It is a pedophilia rather that a pederasty. Without the ability to define fairness in rape, it’s only prison for those who cause the most outrage and upset, and through sexual exposure and desensitization of the public, shorter and shorter sentences and early release for good behavior with a posthumous pardon. Rape is a form of punishment rather than a desire for immortality and so the raped will get over it. It’s not a big deal. It’s only grooming and seduction that are the ways to this vamp’s heart. Masculinity is broken in order to get an orgasmic despise.

Simplistic? The drugged-hit of brain-centers of such people? Without conscience or compassion, they sit at the high tables of both ideologies. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. Manipulators. Behaving as though a virus had over taken over them, infected their brains, and reproduced into their victims. The dead who won’t lie down.

“One of the biggest mistakes the left made was stopping the death penalty for rape.”

Just needed one more chuckle over this.

Strange how the Right and the Left are sexual deviants. But not if understood that their constant anger will kill them, if they did not quench themselves in violent-sex to exhaustion.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was no Nelson Mandela. One was St Paul, the hustler, distracting from his pain; the other a Jesus character who remembered and forgave his pain. One went the broad road, a sell-out and the other the Narrow Way.


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