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The Library

Posted on: April 2, 2012

The four mothers stopped and looked at him with his idea of making their own lending library of the books they purchased for their children, now available to each other.

“but the school has a library…”

Yes, but those books are vetted by the State.   If we want our children’s minds to expand then we need to expose them to different ideas rather than bringing home Manga books.

One chipped in “we’re here to talk about getting at the teachers…”

Another, “Yeh, I’ve tried emailing the English Tutor, but she don’t reply to me…”

What are our standards, our values, our morals?

“We’ll I’m a Penticostal…”

So is Jesus is the standard?

Two single parents nodded for their God-Man.  The last remained silent.

OK, imagine this is a cave, and we’re lost and don’t know how to get out.  On the wall are the words “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one get’s to the father except thru me” so what are we going to do?


“Ask Jesus to come and help us”

“look for a tunnel” said the Penticostal

Well it  says the Way Out leads to the truth, to get to a life and meet God.

“Yeh, Jesus made it…

So we don’t have to…

“Don’t get smart…”

My point is our children are already out there, and if we are not out there too with them; well, then we’re not going to save anyone.

“…and meet Allah?” The quiet one spoke up.

Is the mountain going to go to Mohammad, (peace be upon those who suffered) or Mohammd (pbutws) going to the mountain?

“Allah is everywhere”

And yet not within us.

“why do you say that”

Because we would have the life, to know the truth and be able to point the way out. In this, there is no faith-system required.

(Stunned silence).  “And the way is?”

Protect the children for theirs is the kingdom.  Our strategy is to be wise to the ways of this society.  We have to teach each other.


Start with these blogs I regularly enjoy:

Astronomy Cast

Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Faith Freedom especially the writings of Ali Sina

Ezra Levant

and occasionally pop over to


I’ve not found a good website for ex-Christians because, well they sound like Anglicans, replacing one love-blanket for another universal faith called Socialism.  They have thrown away discerment of character and received a bridle’s bit between their teeth.

I’m sure you can list for me your favorites too.

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4 Responses to "The Library"

There are a couple of good websites for ex-Christians if I remember correctly, I just have to think of them … one was by a man names James, I think. And THIS is a good website/blog for ex-Christians, too! :)

Ex-Muslims dont seem as angry as ex-Christians, ie. Minister Freethinker, The Teapot Atheist & commentators on Archarya’s website.

Maybe it has something to do with the replacement mentioned. Muslims don’t seem to replace their religion with anything else, although I think some become Christians. Christians seem to opt for socialism. Of course, my knowledge of what people do when they come out of a particular religion may be a bit narrow and limited to what I have seen on the web.

“And THIS is a good website/blog for ex-Christians, too!”

This is a website for Christians, or should I say people of The Way, to have discovered for themselves what Jesus was on about…. the hard path. Like children who become parents, they stand at in the very place where their parents were. Now they are able to put themselves in the child’s place. Now they know the truth. It is realization.

So too Christians can only reveal Jesus by walking the same journey as him. If they do not walk the walk they will see nothing. The very words of wisdom will be snatched from them with no soil to settle.

Yes, I hear what you’re saying,.

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