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Freedom as slaves

Posted on: May 9, 2013

‘I cannot stand Jewish people’ was a vocalized opinion that” brought a racial and religious claim” against Mrs Morris and her employer by a colleague, (who from childhood believed she was Jewish).  The heavy hearts of humans.

I would not trust any person who claimed they had loyalties to a Sky-God or an Earth-Utopia.

This is their creed:

  • Non-believers are blind.
  • Non-believers are damned.
  • Only procreate with a believer.

At some point, when they have ascendency, all that peace and tolerance falls from their eyes.  This is reality.  This is the experience for every underdog at their hands.

There is something to dislike about “Faith” because it compels a person to submit first, and then gain-by-association a proud legacy they did not earn.  The kid who hangs around the school bully is brave at ridiculing every decent normal act – the person they once were but were afraid to return.

‘I cannot stand Jewish people’ was the truth.  It was not a racial reference as Ethiopian Jews can contest.   It was a moment of enlightenment, an opportunity for conscience-raising  inviting the response, “yep, they are programed to look alike and sound alike, they even Hate between themselves with the Orthodox not recognizing the Liberal or Reformed; what a bunch of misguided fools. Forgive them for they know not what they do…”  For Mrs Morris was not advocating hatred, but a realization of the ignorance displayed by the actions of people among inferiors who just barge past.   A person who believes they are a collective, can be referred to as that very same collective, because they have thrown away their very soul to have any right to be an individual.  When the wind of Spirit blows they do not respond.  That would have been the mature response.  But the quisling to the nazi-socialists had other plans.

The British People was once a nation of individuals, of idiosyncrasy, of inventiveness and creation.  Communism through the feminine emotional hand of Socialism flooded the country with Collectives.  The European Union Balkanised the country with no-go areas for English people so it may be taken over.

There is then the inverted psychological mindset of pathologically declaring they are individuals, just like the homosexual compelled-to-act-out their sordid sexual practices, (“the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1“), declares they too are free.  Freedom as slaves.

The truth does not set you free, to walk under surveillance cameras in the Socialist State of Britain, the Big Lie does.

1 Response to "Freedom as slaves"

Cant agree amongst themselves. Nobody can. That’s why we need to be INDIVIDUALS instead of The Collective.

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