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Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Nigeria Same Sex Marriage Bill-final

A country that recognizes that homosexuality, the perversion of young children, is dangerous to its sovereignty and prosperity. For it’s soil is the family, and not the single-parent State-dependents and the four-wives cult.

Now Communism and Islam must have to have exactly the same laws of prevention of validity for what is fake.

4 Responses to "Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act"

Really, you’d live in a country that outlawed fascism, communism and sexualism? What about freedom of choice and to meet freely and indulge said fantacies?
Because to riddicule them has become a hate crime, to be imprisoned or detained.
Without freedom, their freedom is nothing.

Interesting bill … so I’m thinking that Islamic law still applies, and a man can marry up to four wives legally? But at least there, he will have to be able to support them all.

Every day on the news is another story of a school shooting, a man caught with child pornography or taking pictures of children. A couple of days ago another mother of 4 caught having intimate relations with a 16 year old boy. And there’s worse going on behind closed doors in DC, I’m sure. They are going to ban guns … they will throw the pedos in prison forever but Pride parades will be a must in every city. Handsome Muslim “freedom fighters” will be on the front pages of magazines and everyone’ll be twerkin’ to the beat.

The middle-ground, the sane, will be… Well, you know that Olive.

The work is to set free the unsane. The laborers are few.

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