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Drop-in observations

Posted on: February 1, 2014

You are suggesting Vlad, that within every submission-invert, (through the Stockholm Syndrome of childhood called Islam), there is a Little Hitler trying to get out. This male attempted impersonating a police officer in arresting her, every ruse to get the woman to submit to his uniform. A £35000 salary for spotting the breaking of bylaws as a ‘good citizen’ warden, targeting those who can afford pay as an agent of Class Warfare, that everyone leaving their front door is legally being watched as guilty before proved innocent and under surveillance. As Hitler sent out his Brown Shirts to intimidate and terrorize the German People, the Socialists sent out their Muslims they invited, with the hope of a Communist dictatorship arise after
the Night of the Curved Swords. Equality, Diversity and Unconscious Bias – in that order. Why else do you think Kim Jong-un wiped out the whole of his Uncle’s family and relations to every man woman and child?

Reminds me what a Kurdish businessman recently told me of what an imam reported back to Ayatollah Khomeini about the British political class: “they are just like us”. Just as dark and devious and kiddy fiddling. Or was Tony Blair’s D-Notice on the findings of Operation Ore to protect the morale of the troops? Getting old men via Operation Yewtree seems to be working at distracting the masses from these real pedophiles by presenting young stars who had younger girls throw themselves at them to call that pedophilia, when real pedophillia is hidden from view by those from a “protected characteristic” in a Bible of The European Human Rights Act, by themselves, for themselves.

The images of Marilyn Monroe is the just-turned-to-full-bloom “Bo booby-doo, Mr President” sex, which he duly laid in the sack without knowing the mother’s daughter as a person. This was the culture, behavior and Avon Lady industry that ruined ageing starlets. But it was not pedophillia, only that of a sought-after first rush of the dopermine-sex-addict to whom Edward Bernays promoted subconsciously to have a virgin all for yourself. Today it’s 14 year old boys. Islam got there before The West in Heaven-sanctioned pearls, before The Human Rights Act is amended and determines a child can be consensual.

What has this got to do with stopping the woman in the park? Everything.”

The idiology she submitted to that crushes the souls of children has made you not mourn her death. She was someone’s child and maybe someone’s mother. Her death to be celebrated as a success, is no more than an army dancing around a terrorist’s burning corpse. The fear is palpable, it has transfered from one to the other. So, rather than going to the House of Islam to heal the sick, with a love of humanity, a person throws stones to kill rather than gather the lost sheep and reveal through riddicule the ideas that enslave them, the truth that sets you free, that the Socialists are at pains to prevent their new citizens from doing at any cost. The death of a dhimmi is no happiness, for no slave enters heaven. Peace be with her family.

When the Communists gave the most devient and defiled human beings “Protected Characteristics“ they unleashed hell on the West with a Bible of Human Entitlements and now watch it burn. Therefore, do not resist evil, do not try to win, just don’t lose. Don’t lose your values and gain theirs. Be noble, for they make children upset and fail in frustration, to feel a pride of superiority over these broken souls, a righteousness of comparing themselves for they have no conscience, having submitted to their compulsion of hypnosis, a religion based on nothing more than faith of look alikes and emotion alikes, and fear that kingdom should be razed by just one look of a child. Hate Crimes are not for adults, like say the legal age of stealing, they are taught and fed by teachers into tiny tots while momma goes to work.

4 Responses to "Drop-in observations"

The Communists do a stop-start, a gradual reduction of freedoms, a logical excuse for everyone.
For criminals in the workplace they introduced an annual criminal records check for everyone, to report in where you were the last five years.
For those who borrow money a central database anyone can look at.
And in the street every camera can follow you.
The socialist run you, and you don’t know it.
Islam. That dictatorship not of ‘all will be we with you’ but ‘all will be well by not upsetting God’. Machoism meets feminism. Both deceiving snakes for the vilest of human- forms. The Mohammedan female-hate-fixated verses the male-hate-fixated. They puff with pride their superiority. Their evil is seen by ordinary people, but the laws they are forced to comply to make them have to defer to these ‘preferential’ charaders. To accommodate them while they pick and choose what they like doing, their brain’ pleasure centers focused on gaining sycophants.

Rejecting what is male as worship for the birthmother, or hating the birthmother. These sex deviants are mother-centric. Hate your father, and you are lost. Hate your mother and you are found to belong to Heaven and Earth.

Richard said: Perfectchild graveyard humor has long been used to fight the horror of nasty things, it is a defensive action take to avoid PTSD and other mental illnesses, stopping people from using it causes many problems for many people.

This may be true, but it is also true that people cannot “love the sinner and hate the sin” so to speak. Unbalanced hemispheres cannot accept the dichotomy of a human being. It has to be all or nothing. To take a stand they have to work themselves up into a frenzy, so they have to mock a human being’s tragic end … it could have been someone in extreme high heels, a miniskirt and tube top who caught her heel and fell, breaking her neck, and the extremist Muslim would feel glad in his heart and chuckle … not avoiding mental illness, but feeding into his own mental illness. You are right; we can’t become like those who are half-brained. You say it so well below:

Be noble, for they make children upset and fail in frustration, to feel a pride of superiority over these broken souls, a righteousness of comparing themselves for they have no conscience, having submitted to their compulsion of hypnosis, a religion based on nothing more than faith of look alikes and emotion alikes, and fear that kingdom should be razed by just one look of a child.

Is there an answer? You let the Left rule you with their submission to the female form, that was what all that pornography was doing to you, and now you worship the male form and Islam, having arrived coincidently together. So vote your politicians from only those with decency, and keep away from perverted prophets and men, and don’t watch TV. And await the phoney war between Left and Right to take you in and force you to join.

It IS a phoney war in America between the left and right, full of phoney labels and phoney righteousness. And people are into it hook line & sinker. At my job we are having an LGBT equality kick-off awareness meeting, and for a brief second I felt fear … it is slowly turning into despair. But I know that if we don’t clean our own house first, we will never have the power of a child to destroy the horror of the Kingdom of the Half-Brains.

Those made blind. The Kingdom of Halflings. For how else can you see except thru your mind? And how else can you become blind except by Willful-Force, the struggle of resisting evil laid to tempt you, to upset you to be told you will surely die as you face one of The Queen’s Agents of Mock Musnazis or the Chameleon Alphabet-soup Characterless. Their mental illness on their sleeves. The ultimate separation of mind, to self-kill for Heaven or to self-kill for Earth. In both instances the person has gone. The slave master is well pleased.

A Neurologist stated the Left Brain Hemisphere did not beleive in God and the Right Brain did.

All you need then do to a population is remove their use of the left brains.

You could do it by needing absolutely nothing from the Left Brain. Make it redundant. Then the whole world is serving the now, without a thought for tomorrow. “The Government will pay” from a bottomless pit. This is Socialism. (The bankrupt nations that seek other nations to rob and subvert). In that world the female-form is the priest and God is The State. People are not determined by character, but by color-coding with bands of Preferences.

Alternatively you could make the Left Brain intimidated and crushed by an Ultimate Left-Brained Deity. The resultant feminized males will be enraged if women show them up.

Now those you can see past present and future will rule the world.

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