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Dissociation of Rejection

Posted on: February 6, 2014

“Excerpt: ‘Sybil Exposed’
Is there anyone in America who does not remember what started it all? Just in case, here is the abridged version of Sybil. One cold day in winter 1956, a shy and painfully anorexic graduate student in the pre-med department at Columbia University stands outside her chemistry classroom waiting for the elevator. The next thing she knows, she is on a freezing, snow-swept street in a city she doesn’t recognize. Eventually she figures out it’s Philadelphia, and that between the elevator and the snow five days have passed, days which for the young woman — whose name is Sybil Dorsett — are an utter blank. Sybil catches a train back to New York to see Dr. Wilbur, her steely but superbly kind and caring Park Avenue psychoanalyst. Dr. Wilbur mothers, medicates, and hypnotizes her patient, tirelessly attempting to dredge up memories of the forgotten childhood trauma which she assumes provokes Sybil’s flights to other cities …
At the time the book begins, Sybil has no idea she has alters. All she knows is that she dissociates — or “loses time,” as she puts it. She ends up in strange places without the slightest idea how she got there. She discovers dresses in her closet that are not her style and which she does not remember buying. She finds herself chatting intimately with people she has no recollection of ever having met.
Dr. Wilbur decides that the cause of this puzzling illness is some terrible thing done to Sybil during childhood, the memory of which she walled off into other personalities so that she would not have to deal with the pain. But what, exactly, happened? That’s what, together, they need to figure out so that Sybil can “integrate” her personalities and be whole again. The only way to do that is for Sybil to remember the trauma, and Dr. Wilbur must help.
Dr. Wilbur puts Sybil into drug-induced and hypnotic trances that finally cause her to remember. The trauma she suffered as a young child turns out to have been abuse — barbaric, gothic, grotesque beyond imagination — inflicted by her psychotic mother, Hattie Dorsett. Hattie once tried to suffocate four-year-old Sybil by locking her into a box filled with grain. Other times, she made her daughter watch as she defecated on neighbors’ lawns, held lesbian orgies in the woods with teenagers, and fondled the genitals of babies. If all this weren’t enough to destroy a child’s psyche, Hattie regularly hung preschooler Sybil by the ankles above a kitchen table, raped her with household utensils, gave her ice-water enemas, and tied her under the piano while banging out crazed versions of Beethoven and Chopin. Could these nightmare memories, recovered so many years after the crimes supposedly happened, really be true? Yes, says the book — undoubtedly.

Now, decades after the abuse and the psychic splitting, Sybil’s only hope for cure is her kindly psychoanalyst. Dr. Wilbur does not disappoint. After eleven years and hundreds of pages of heroic ministrations, she convinces all the alter personalities to integrate into a united self. As Sybil lies on Dr. Wilbur’s couch, hypnotized, the babies, little boys, and teenagers all grow into adults within minutes, and they dutifully fold back into Sybil’s consciousness, promising never to “come out” again. The grown-up alters make a similar pact. Sybil’s broken mind is mended; she vanquishes the hell of her mother’s mistreatment and finally becomes a whole person. End of story.

Sybil was something completely new. Her history of sadistic incest and her enormous number of alter personalities made her brand of multiplicity unprecedented. After a tiny fraternity of psychiatrists became fascinated with the condition and started hunting for new cases, that brand turned into an epidemic. In 1980, multiple personality disorder was listed as an official psychiatric illness. Soon, mental health practitioners in America were diagnosing thousands of cases a year.
Almost all were female, and when they first entered therapy most had no alter personalities that they knew of. Nor did they remember being raped and brutalized as children. But during MPD treatment they developed just as many alter personalities, and just as many horrific abuse memories, as Sybil had — if not many more.
Many of these patients began filing lawsuits against their parents for having hurt them so terribly. They went on television talk shows to discuss their suffering, and celebrities joined the fray. Every MPD story unleashed more cases and claims of abuse.
Then a new group of patients surfaced, complaining they’d been wrongly diagnosed and suing their therapists for malpractice. In tandem with these lawsuits, thousands of hurt and angry parents said they were being falsely accused by adult children in therapy. Some brought suits against the therapists.
As a result of this backlash, which crested in the early 1990s, the media did a 180-degree turn from their former credulity about MPD. “Is it real or is it fake?” became the new question. Were the patients, and the therapists who treated them, honest and inspiring? Or were they liars and hustlers?
…How, in modern America, could an educated person in distress come to feel she was possessed? How could Sybil have learned to feel and act as though she had multiple selves, when no one else in her world was doing this? An explanation was provided in the early 1990s by a prominent, elderly psychiatrist who had known Dr. Wilbur years earlier and had sometimes treated Sybil when Wilbur was out of town. The old doctor remembered Wilbur telling him that she wanted to write a book about multiple personality disorder. He also remembered Sybil mentioning to him that Wilbur wanted her to act as though she had different selves inside her. He speculated that Wilbur — who had once boasted to her patient that she was “stronger than Mother” — had pressured and coaxed Sybil to develop alter personalities.
In light of this accusation, even more questions arose. What had gotten Dr. Wilbur, herself, so interested in the idea of multiple personalities? And if Sybil — the basis for the modern MPD diagnosis — was a product of therapist suggestion, what about all those tens of thousands of patients who had walked into the offices of other mental health practitioners and walked out thinking they had several beings living inside them? And what about all of us book readers and TV watchers? Why had we found the Sybil story so credible?
Excerpted from Sybil Exposed: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Famous Multiple Personality Case by Debbie Nathan. 2011 by Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.”

A muse:

I shared reflections with colleague regarding a different woman we each had met.

We shared the same experience: the women had seen significance in the position of our hands. Mine had said ‘are you calling in dark spirits’. His had said the gestures of people had deep significance. This power of shapes and symbols to them.
They both used different accents when talking. Mine had used Welsh when concillitory, and used Scottish when interrogating.
Both had asked if we were to kill them. Then at other times were we to save them.

I shared my view that the Left Brain was not functioning and the Right Brain was attempting to make sense of the world. Objectivity was achieved via a new ‘personality’ which is merely repesenting someone else looking in, putting themselves at a distance via another frame of referrence. The changing one’s hairstyle and color for many women will ‘reset’ and change their mood and perception of the world to them, to remove the feeling of insecurity, possibly of being a target, as an animal would to employ camoflage or just like turning in a bed to relieve pressure and prevent pressure sores, a refresh mechanism.

Both women had feckless, disloyal, and uninterested fathers. Both women were British-born with fathers that were born in Jamaica not involved with their upbringing. Both mothers were ‘victims’ and worked in jobs, while living in subsidized Welfare Housing. Both daughters were intelligent but unsuccessful with men, not wanting children, and desired academic recognition and still lived with their mothers.

Both were loyal to their mothers, presenting as infantalized, mother’s perpetual child, and desiring to be infantalized.

Mine was vegan and anorexic without prescription drugs, his was vegan and overweight with prescription drugs having been cuaght by the Mental Health Service. Their father’s rejected, with a confusing love-hate relationship. Total loyalty to the mother.

He said he had spend many sessions reassuring and entertaining the various ‘personalities’ with reasons and answers to their paranoid delusions. I was not aquainted with my case-study except in meeting the family due to the father’s recent death and she had asserted boldly her father was not dead. (And I joked her mother did not believe Jesus was dead either – so there was two of them involved in denial). The other’s Mother beleived Jesus was alive as well.

Hence, looking up Sybil Scheiber to see what will heal these two people.

I beleive these persons are sane, and using a defensive posture. And the same time, the brain is learning a new pattern of behavior, like those with drug-dependency habits learning paranoia, as much created by drug-dependency as it is an emotional-dependency felt with a love lost. The hardest thing is rejection.

A woman scorned can go both ways: All men are bad and they will become esuperior to everyone of them just by emulating the lowest male; to become ‘masculine’ and that-ego-identity; or, it is they they are bad and unworthy. One is the Socialist, the Un-Sane, (apparently Sane on the outside if things are changed for Women’s Rights and insane on the inside). The other is In-Sane, (Insane on the outside fearing chaos-without-context, but actually sane on the inside).

It will take a rock to save them. To reflect and make them realize for themselves the truth that sets them free. A mirror held up. But what human is there to do it? Jesus has been feminized into God -The-Mother. Moves are afoot to make Nelson Mandela, Fem-Black.

that they are both black, indicates the layers of right-brain feminitity to release from, to become unstuck and walk freely again.

Over to Olive on this one.

11 Responses to "Dissociation of Rejection"

So what are we observing?

I met their exact opposite last night.

He spoke as if he had autism, his voice rang out clear and focused, but without the nuance of picking up the visual clues of those around him. I distracted him, like a Bene Gesserit, so his attention became fully on me.
I learned autism ran on his father’s side of the family. That he had ‘higher functioning’ autism, that he escaped the controlling nature of his father and the older brother who ‘was only trying to do what was best for him’ that resulted in the worst possible outcome – chaos.
He found the key, to escape all this:
Core Healing. He reached out to five feet from me and touched the outer layer of my aura. Then a foot in my second of seven layers.

I was reminded about how the Left Brain can construct a rationale about anything, even a puny one will create to complement them in their empty void, Islam and feel whole. Christians feel love where there is no love, Zoroastrian/Jews an identity where the is not one.

Our ladies have all the Right-Brain and no one to turn it off.

“Animals have holes to sleep in.
Humans don’t have that luxury.
Therefore humans aren’t animals.”

She is lost. He is found.
She knows she is an animal but can’t follow the signs and symbolism: will it kill me or will it save me?

He knows he is not an animal and constructs a soul, a higher life force above the ‘normal’ lesser minds, above the baser instinct glandular-urge minds.

The half-brained do not do this, they do not know they do not know, until confronted by their environment and a rationality to fear, by placating Upset Gods or casting out spirits, will they find relief and rest.

The magic of casting out demons might be what they need. A medical practice long overlooked.

He just wants to know what he does is good, she just wants to know what she does is right.

Who would give the first a religion to immerse themselves or the other art therapy? For even the pagans give their children reassurances and not distractions. (I said pagans, not Socialists).

Doing what is good: appreciated, valued.

Doing what is right: respected, given status.

The white male was an architect with failed social skills. He had not worked for fifteen years, going on countless spiritual-energy healing courses.
The black females were failed academics.
Are they mocking the world, finding out their malaise on their own journey, or becoming the personalites and identities they wish to become? The Aspergers Spiritual Guide; the Unspergers Hologram Being that springs up in a medical emergency and appears to bluff everyone.

The gentleman said he was criticised for being obsessive. The ladies cannot alight upon anything.

But the truth is: there is nothing.

No spiritual guff of womanhood for the Left-Brained to enlessly pursue; and no perfect manhood-God. Just symbols of culture, overies to testies and back. A silence of the ebbing shores.

The man had said he wanted to save humanity, the wonen had said they wanted to be saved, (By God would be preferrable).

Over to Olive on this one

Yikes. Olive is at a loss as to what to comment. Some rudimentary reactions:

Anything can be politicized. Especially science, illness and gender. It is horrific when science is not truth, for science needs to be fundamentally true to the best of our objective research. If we don’t have that, we have nothing.

Never read Sybil but I vaguely remember the huge hubbub about her … the book, the movie, the talk. Many people have different personalities. Depends who they are with, depends on their need at the moment. As to how indepth they take it (and realize what they are doing …) depends how sick they are. Interesting point about them striving for another point of view by being another person … but that’s an unhealthy way of accomplishing a simple goal.

The man had said he wanted to save humanity, the wonen had said they wanted to be saved, (By God would be preferrable).

LOL. By God would be preferable, not by a mere human, especially the gender that hurt them so deeply. Black earth mother, only Messiah/Yoshua is her man. Meh. The Western man wants to “save humanity” while he destroys it, or lives under the curse of constantly being accused of destroying it, and can do nothing good now in the world’s eyes but destroy. Let the shamans/socialists take over.

The magic of casting out demons might be what they need. A medical practice long overlooked.

I wonder how deep was the “realization” and how long the “change” or “new life” when Uncle ROy did his thing with the cross? I know it can be powerful, this “accepting Jesus into your life, a new spirit comes into you, etc etc.” But … for many, the change doesn’t last. I suppose because its only a half-truth that is blown up into the mystical. A mere “you really do have the power within yourself” just doesn’t cut it. Because people’s trust in themselves has been destroyed, their own purpose is not enough. We know JC meditation helps the right-brained if done right and not relied on forever (I suppose), what helps the lefties?

That’s all Olive has this morning. Ain’t much. Olive is having technical difficulties between brain hemispheres. Too much garlic last night.

More later on observances of “male” personality spirits who reject the left hemisphere, cling to the weaknesses of the right-brain female spirit which they subconsciously hate and illnesses produced. Two people I am dealing with: one, a middle-aged “lesbian”, the other an elderly gentlemen. The similarities are astonishing.

This ‘dealing with’ is the issue, for how is introspection ever to be achieved?

Sending two people, a male and a female, with nothing to give might allow the brains to reset. But where are such couples?

These women lost in their right brains, men into their fraternity of Brotherhood of ritualized dancing.

The exercises of mind, the release of traumas.

To heal the sick and set them free. (To know the difference between organic and cultural disturbances of the minds).

For example, a Roy Master showing you how a left-brain how to work, (but no one showing him how his right-brain ought to work so he imagines a God puts things in his path); or an Ophra Winfrey show, of everyone having a place in the diversity of demand, feeding the cookoos in the nest.

Needing discernment without judgement. Then, there is freedom to choose to be content .

Hallo. Why not give God a rest?

I mean it in the gentlest way.

The Neurologist VS Ramachandran puts succinctly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFJPtVRlI64

My conclusion is the right ‘female’ hemisphere looks to ‘god’ which is her left ‘male’ hemisphere. That is how nature made these, to work together in complete harmony. When separate, right-brain calls out to its, ‘god’.

1. So what happens if the male looks to God outside himself? He suppresses his own left-brain hemisphere to accommodate His Eminence, (what is usually an invention of some much earlier Prophet’s left-brain submission). Without that left-brain functioning fully and properly as it should, this ‘I Am What I Am’ brain, that body becomes always in ‘fight-flight’, never sure if the next moment is their last because left-brain is not giving any assurance. The timing is all wrong. On the outside is Peace and Wouldn’t Harm a Fly Mr Nice Guy, but inside is anxious, unconfident and unsure. To ‘live and let God’ is to realize if there was really, truly was The God of The Whole Universal Expanse, then He would be so big and so vast so utterly incomprehensible by such a lowly semi-conscious primate evolved on Earth from bacteria, to desist ever second-guessing or bothering Him at all. Period. Then to regain and drive your own life, to use all your faculties ‘god-gave you’ to be born perfect, and simply get on with your life and protect your wife. Then all the wrong-eating and distractions will fall away. The body’s overactive auto-immune system will calm down.

2. The burden a woman has, having a fe-man, a ‘femaled’ male is joy at first to be mumsy with two children, to be princess and boss, but then her anger creeps in because she is having to carry the weight of the relationship, and more God is sought to leap over him, for God becomes The Man in the family, and soon she gets imbalanced, stressed and ill as she swallows her resentment. And more God is sought etc. etc.

So now both of you get ill, and become happy when it has a name of some doctor who first discovered the pattern of symptoms, to take the blame away. Even adopting a child, to suck off its innocence and distracting for love, when there is no love, is the desire that all will be fixed.

I’m not saying this is your story. But I’m too tired of meeting so many people in this state of ill health, so it is an observation to share, as you have kindly shared yours, might help. Certainly to protect your son from you, who needs nothing more than to be encouraged to learn for himself and protected from those who would intimidate his brain into neutral ‘unthink’ modes, because of Hate Crimes or Blasphemy Laws of belief-systems that don’t work.

This is the end path I see: https://achildcansee.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/dissociation-of-rejection/

And this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDlqHOoLj8U

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