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The Religion of Pedophilia

Posted on: February 11, 2014

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Muslim. LGBTQM

Hat tip Vlad Tepes.

4 Responses to "The Religion of Pedophilia"

This (Catholic) woman is a bit much, although I can’t help but like her boldness. There is something about her that is … a turn-off. Well, at least she is getting some of the truth out. FGM is mostly a African/cultural thing, associated with certain areas and certain peoples. Of course, the World Health Organization and other like entities would NEVER associate it with Islam. If it wasn’t necessarily Islamic to begin with, the woman-hating spirit of Islam would have propagated it even more in some people. It is really ignorant cultures/peoples that practice this barbarity … notice it is rare among more “European” Islamists … the Saudis, Turks, Lebanese, Syrians, etc. and in Iraq it is a few tribal Kurds to the North that practice this garbage. I’m surprised it isn’t rampant in Afghanistan.

Yes Olive,
The wake up call comes from those who are uncompromising.

I thought of the pedophiles her religion attracts and shields for a papal crust; but this is irrelevant to the subject at hand. She is showing how easy it is to abuse women and children in Mohammadism.

“I thought of the pedophiles her religion attracts …but this is irrevelant … She is showing how easy it is to abuse women and children in Mohammadism.”

True, it is irrevelant to the subject at hand. But there was a time when the Catholic Church was much more powerful. Just the recent exposure of the orphanages in Ireland … And the whole history of Catholicism is a horror show. But I think the most important thing shown in the above videos is the power of free speech. The west has it. That is why the catholic monster was eventually exposed and its power compromised. Islamic countries do not have this precious tool which was born in the West. And actually the Catholic Church now is heavy into socialism, as also the West is starting to be (and in many places already is). I am not sure which one would
take my physical life first … Although if I were to bet, my money would be on Mo.

Socialism seduces, so you would not realize your life of compromise until it was gone. Islam stabs with the smallest of submissions and you embrace its entirety.

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